A dirty or clogged fuel injector may be impeding fuel flow or altering or reducing your fuel spray pattern


ProFlow Technologies offers a complete Fuel Injector Cleaning Service, cleaning and flow-testing to remove contaminants from inside and outside your fuel injectors.

All fuel injectors will benefit from ProFlow’s injector cleaning and flow testing services.  This is even true of new fuel injectors as the individual injector flow may not be set accurately from the factory. The only way to know is to have your injectors inspected and flow tested by a professional fuel injector cleaning company like ProFlow.

High Performance engines benefit from our fuel injector testing and cleaning services

If you have a high performance motor and wish to tune it to the optimal performance, you must first know if your injectors are flowing properly. It is not uncommon for original equipment (OEM) injectors to have an unacceptably wide range of fuel flow. It’s possible to have new injectors that do not function properly. Proflow’s detailed fuel injector flow testing process identifies these problematic injectors and fixes them.


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