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Performance Fuel Injector Technology

Pro Flow Technologies offers advanced Fuel Injector Diagnostics, Testing & Cleaning


We offer advanced Fuel Injector Diagnostics, Testing & Cleaning Service

Your fuel injectors’ Fuel Distribution, Fuel Droplet Formation, Fuel Atomization and Fuel Delivery, are all visually and physically checked and tested as a starting point, rather than a last resort. The injectors are then Ultrasonically cleaned and the rubber sealing rings, plastic protection caps and filter baskets are replaced, before re-testing, ensuring all the injectors are performing as a matched and balanced set.
Without “Fuel Injector Diagnostics”, it is impossible for garages to correctly, economically or efficiently, solve problems with Fuel Injected engines.

Servicing Injectors will also save time and money on Service and Repair bills, prolong the life of Inlet & Exhaust Valves, Piston Compression Rings, Oxygen Sensors and the Catalytic Exhaust System. Our state-of-the-art ASNU equipment is approved World Wide by: Bosch GmbH and Delphi Automotive.



Attention Motorsports Enthusiasts

You may have a national level race machine, or a stock machine for street use and the occasional track day. For less than the price of a rear tire, you can know if your fuel injectors are flowing equally and as much as they can, with a good spray pattern. Don’t spend $250 and up for dyno time without knowing if you have totally clean injectors that will flow equally with good spray patterns. Mapping devices control only the lower injectors at one time (or all upper and all lower with Bazzaz) and this results in some lean cylinders and some rich cylinders as the dyno attempts to correct the OVERALL air/fuel ratio. Ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning and bench flow testing gets the fuel injectors flowing back to factory spec for better atomization of the fuel. This results in max power, better throttle response and a cooler operating motor.

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