Mix And Match Fuel Injectors To Get Even Flow… For Better Performance.

Recently we serviced some Honda CBR1000 fuel injectors for a customer. They were in pretty good shape overall but even after multiple ultrasonic cleaning cycles, some of the fuel injectors simply flowed different than the majority of fuel injectors. Luckily we had additional injectors on hand we were able to get a more even flow match across the board for each cylinder. It is not something we see all the time, but even some brand new fuel injectors do not all flow exactly the same. It’s just the way it is with mass produced mechanical devices, you are bound to have some variation. In the case of a high performance fuel injected engine, a variation in fuel flow rate can hinder optimal performance.

This bike has 8 fuel injectors. 4 uppers and 4 lowers. The lowers usually spray all the time, with the uppers kicking in for mid and high rpm. When tuning a bike, it is ideal to have each pair of fuel injectors (in this case there are 2 per cylinder) flowing evenly from one cylinder to the next cylinder. That way you don’t have some lean cylinders, and some rich cylinders. We took out a couple of the customers injectors out and substituted them for a couple we had in stock to make a better, more even set. This is just another example of the fuel injector service we offer at ProFlow Technologies. It’s not always just about fuel injector cleaning service, it’s also checking fuel injector spray and flow rates to ensure they are all the same.

cbr1000 flow rates, after cleaning service but BEFORE switching out injectors.


some additional injectors we have on hand that hopefully flow closer to the others


a close look at the flow rates after substituting some injectors, resulting in better matched set and BETTER PERFORMANCE