How Is This For A “Before – After” Case Study ! 2 Ducati Fuel Injectors, One Injector Seriously Clogged.

Recently D&D Cycles in Pensacola, Florida ( ) sent us a pair of Ducati Monster fuel injectors for ultrasonic cleaning service. Putting the fuel injectors on the ASNU diagnostic machine, it was clear there was a problem with at least one of the injectors. Flow rate of the injector on the left was 1/2 the flow rate of the injector on the right.

Ducati Monster injectors.. Before service.


An hour or so later and multiple ultrasonic cleaning cycles, the injectors not only had the same spray pattern, they had exactly the same flow rate. The fuel injector on the left picked up 99.8% flow rate from the “before” flow test. A happy customer indeed, and a happy “Monster”.

After multiple cleaning cycles