Q. What causes Fuel Injectors to become clogged?

A. Fuel itself is what causes the deposits that lead to an injector clogging

The gasoline you buy at the pump every week is a mixture of heavy, waxy compounds made up of different hydrocarbons. Typically, the heavier a hydrocarbon is, the more energy it delivers when it burns. Fuel injectors undergo heat-soak when an engine is turned off and the deposits are left behind when fuel residue in the injector nozzle evaporates. This causes problems over time because when an engine is off there is no airflow to cool the injectors down or fuel flow to wash away the residue. This causes the deposits to harden and form deposits which clog the injectors over time. Although detergents are added to fuel to help combat this problem, engines that are run very hard or make short trips allow deposits to build up faster than the detergents can wash them away.


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