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On the latest generation of  Fuel Injected Engine Management Systems, being able to correctly diagnose Fuel injection problems is a must. These systems are referred to as “Closed Loop Systems” in which all the components in the system contribute to the engines smooth and efficient operation. The individual Fuel Injectors and their performance are one of the major components when considering diagnostically analyzing any system for “combustion related” problems, especially if problem is related to Engine Performance, Fuel Economy, Exhaust Pollution.


Injector Flow testing

Pro Flow Technologies offers ultrasonic fuel injector servicing including complete “Injector Diagnostics” determining your injectors Fuel Distribution, Fuel Droplet Formation, Fuel Atomization and Fuel Delivery. These are all visually and physically checked and tested.


Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Cleaning and Servicing  Process 

First we remove the filter baskets are and the injectors are placed in the ultrasonic bath. Next the injectors are pulsed simultaneously, in the Bio Clean Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid. This ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning process begins to breakdown the baked on deposits left by unleaded fuels. The combination of ultrasonic frequency and the Bio Clean Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid continues the cleaning process. The patented reverse flow program then begins to push the fluid back up inside the injectors. During the cleaming cycle, the fluid continues to flow back up into the injector to emulsify the deposits which eventually spill out of the top of the injector. The cleaning process continues until the chemicals have been completely washed out leaving a clean fuel injector operating a optimum performance.


Fuel injector cleaning and flow testing


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