Fuel Injection Tips

If the engine is the heart of your vehicle, the fuel injection system is the main artery: It is your vehicle’s source for delivering fuel to the engine. In older models this used to be the carburetor’s job. But today, most vehicles use fuel injection systems making service a required part of your vehicle’s maintenance.

Fuel injection and intake cleaning should be an important maintenance performed on cars to keep them running at their peak efficiency and performance.

Some oil companies claim that their gasoline has cleaning additives. Restoring lost performance is not as easy as they would make you believe.

Professional fuel injection cleaning on a regular basis will ensure the best mileage and save on costly repairs. It is inexpensive maintenance that will keep your vehicle running at peak performance while saving you money at the pumps.

Use a good brand of fuel injector cleaner between injector cleanings. Always change your fuel filter as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

One of the main factors that affect the performance of fuel injectors is using the wrong fuel. This could not only be fuel of the wrong octane, but too much ethanol.


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