Why should I clean my injectors?

The truth is, no matter how well you maintain your vehicle, you cant stop the tiny partials of dirt and dust entering the fuel supply and subsequently passing though your fuel injectors.  Contaminants in the fuel your vehicle uses is made worse by modern emissions recirculation systems that recirculate exhaust gasses into the inlet manifold for reburning.

Over time this contamination will cause your injectors to run at less (sometimes much less) than their full potential and efficiency. ProFlow’s fuel injector cleaning service returns the performance of injectors to that when they were new – restoring fuel economy and increasing engine horsepower.

Save money and improve performance with a professional fuel injection cleaning

Fuel economy can be restored by removing debris from the pintle of your fuel injectors and engine horsepower can be improved by replacing or emptying the fuel injector micro filter. The restoration of the injector spray pattern produces a more efficient combustion, reducing the amount of unburnt hydrocarbons passing though the exhaust and into the atmosphere. As fuel prices rise, your potential for saving money increases.


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