06-07 vs 08 And Newer R6 Upper Fuel Injectors

Do not make the mistake of mixing upper fuel injectors from the 2006-07 R6, with upper fuel injectors from a 2008 or newer R6. The injectors look exactly the same . The 2006 and 2007 Yamaha R6 looks the same as the 2008 to 2012 R6. It would take a rider or mechanic, who is very familiar with these machines, to notice the difference. However, there was a significant change that gave the 2008-12 much more mid-range power. The variable height velocity stacks. The velocity stacks consist of a fixed stack, then the variable stack that are mechanically raised and lowered depending on the engine rpm. At lower rpm’s, the top stacks are lowered on top of the bottom fixed stack to make one tall set of v-stacks. This aids mid-range power. At higher rpm’s, the v-stacks are raised to allow the air into the throttle bodies faster. This gave the 2008 and newer R6, nearly 10 horsepower over the 2006-07 model R6 in the mid-range. It is REAL power you can feel on the track.

A change in the upper fuel injectors on the 08 and newer model was needed, due to the fact that the injectors are higher and further from the throttle bodies than the 06-07 R6 model. The spray pattern of the 06-07 upper fuel injector is wider than the narrow spray pattern of the 08 and newer upper fuel injector, yet they all look the same, and are the same blue color.

Anyone needing spare parts from a crash could mistakenly buy the wrong air box that contains the upper fuel injectors in the cover. Hopefully this post will help prevent that from happening to someone. Remember to send us your fuel injectors for service.

Here is what the spray patterns of an 2008 Yamaha R6 look like. The lower injectors that are on the left, as they are very close to the 2 intake valves, the spray goes to either side (as there are 2 intake valves). The upper injectors are on the right. The 2006-7 R6 upper injectors are a wider spray pattern as they are closer to the intake. Again, if you ever need to replace injectors in your R6, be sure you get the right injectors. Checking the spray patterns is one fuel injector service we offer in addition to ultrasonic cleaning.