KTM Fuel Injector Issues.. resolved with ProFlow

This is more of a testimonial, but we thought it was an informative article at the same time. Early KTM fuel injectors have many, but very small, spray openings, and seem to be more prone to clogs than other model fuel injectors. Even relatively new KTM dirt bikes have had issues with running rough, and soon after not even starting. After a full fuel injector service, we have seen 50% and more increases in fuel flow on the KTM fuel injectors.
Here is what Chip Golden, FTR harescrambles Vet B racer, had to say about our fuel injector service.
My injector started going out during the last loop of the Lochloosa enduro. I had just installed a Rekluse, so I thought the flame-outs were caused by the clutch break in. I reset the Rekluse and didn’t think about it again. I didn’t realize it was the start of an injector problem. I did the Lake City harescramble the next weekend and the bike was running fine at first. During the third lap, it started getting bad. It would stall and sputter at low rpms. At the end of the race, it would only idle for a few seconds while sitting in neutral. The next day, it wouldn’t start at all. I tried to clean the injector myself. I did the process of using a 9V battery to open/close it while spraying carb cleaner through it in both directions. I also cleaned it with my wife’s sonic jewelry cleaner filled was gasoline. I reinstalled the injector and rode the next weekend. It ran fine, at least I thought it did. I traded bikes with my buddy (both 2011 350sx) and his was way more responsive. My injector was obviously still clogged. By the end of the ride, my bike was running horrible again. Next, I sent my injector to Greg Melka at Pro Flow Technologies for fuel injector service.  I sent the injector on Tuesday and got it back by Thursday afternoon. He cleaned it and gave me before/after flow rates to show how bad the injector was. The clogged injector was flowing about 60% of the value of the cleaned injector. He also installed a new filter basket.

I now know the symptoms. If your KTM FI bike starts having flameouts, its time for a cleaning. In fact, its way past time. The other sign is poor throttle response. I’m not going to wait for that to happen again though. I plan on sending mine back to Greg after a few more races for another measurement and cleaning. We’ll monitor the pre/post cleaning flow rates to establish the appropriate maintenance cycle. For the price, its not worth waiting for the problem to start again.

Vet B #324