Take Care When Reinstalling Your Fuel Injectors..

  When reinstalling your injectors, take care that you don’t pinch or fold over the 0-ring. When following up with customers, this happens from time to time, so take the time to ensure it does not happen to you. It makes a mess, and is potentially very dangerous if you can’t quickly shut off the ignition. As a

Storing your Bike, Boat or Car? Protect The Fuel Injectors

If your bike, boat or car is going to sit for a few months, you risk having fuel injectors decrease in flow, or worse, becoming in-operational. Electronic fuel pumps are also at risk when left to sit for months at a time. The ethanol in today’s fuel breaks down and clogs the openings of the fuel injector

Removing Yamaha R6 Fuel Injectors

Removing the fuel injectors for service on a 2006 and up R6 won’t require any special tools, just a couple allen head wrenches, screwdrivers, and a pair of vice grips (not the tiny ones). R6s models or 2003-2005r6 will not have upper fuel injectors but the rest of the procedure for removing the lowers is about

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Kevin Hunt, owner KWS Motorsports

KWS Motorsports has used ProFlow for the past 4 years and have never been disappointed with the quality. Getting the injectors cleaned always means we get maximum power and performance from the motors we build. Great customer service and fast turn around … A great dollar value.

Joe Joseph

I have a Honda NR750 oval piston that had not been started for 7 years. Needless to say, the injectors were clogged and the bike would not start. This engine has 2 injectors per cylinder. for a total of 8. I tagged each injector and shipped them to ProFlow. When Greg tested the injectors before cleaning, the flow patterns were all over the map, and the flow rates wildly different. He took extra effort to ultrasonically clean the ones that were especially badly clogged until he got the flow rates close to each other. They were mailed back within a week, with before and after flow rates and resistance levels checked, and every injector inscribed with the tagged number. They kept me informed at all points along the way about their progress. These are ultra rare injectors as Honda does not make spares for this bike. I would trust ProFlow again with these. Good job, guys!

Pete Panteliodis

just wanted to thank you for the injector service. The bike went to the dyno before the work and make 165 with an unsteady fuel flow. After the motor refresh (rings, degree cams, etc.) and injector service, the bike came up to 179 with steady fuel flow. Thanks again, this service is def worth the money!


I just wanted to say thanks to Greg for a very quick turn around on my injectors for our Sea Doo. He was honest and knowledgable about his craft. I have since given his name to a couple of my friends, one of whom owns a cycle repair shop and another who owns watercraft repair store. It runs great!!
Michael W.

Banzai132 - WERA Roadracing Forum

They did mine and they squirt nicely.

Stick Boy Racing

OK, one week exactly and they are back and ready to install. They left last Tuesday and they are here today. Very nice. I have a form that came back to let me know what they were doing before, and what they do now after the cleaning… It’s a cheap way to know what’s going on in there. – Thank you Greg.

Yama-saurus – WERA Roadracing Forum

Good folks, good work, good results. From my TLR to my ’88 CRX.

Eddie Kraft - #48

Well worth doing. We had great results with Greg.

RM Racing

Excellent service, recommended.

VRC - WERA Roadracing Forum

They do all the injector service on all my bikes. Very happy with the service they provide. My engine builder/tuner thanks them too!

Patrick James

Your cleaning job fixed all the problems my Viper was experiencing.  It now idles and drive like brand new!! Who would have thought at 28,000 miles that was the problem. But it is a 1997 model GTS so 13 years of light driving adds up.

Kyle Tenbush

My R6 injectors were all within spec, however, my GSX-R injectors were not flowing to optimal specs and I ended up re-tuning that bike after the service.  I was able to gain h.p. over my previous map even after re-mapping on a less expensive race fuel!

Vitamin-E, WERA tech forum

IT WORKED!!!! – In 6 years of shit ass idling/running from that bike, I tried everything: 2 sets of plugs, wires, valve adjustments, throttle body balancing, about 200 gallons of Seafoam, 50,000 searches for vacuum leaks. Nothing worked. I send the injectors to MelkMan at ProFlow. Get them back within a week. Install and presto. Perfect. Now maybe I won’t sell it.  RIGHT THE F@CK ON!!!!!!!!