A Look at Some GSXR1000 Fuel Injector Spray Patterns – Before and After Cleaning

So we got a set of 2005 GSXR1000 fuel injectors in the ProFlow shop the other day for ultrasonic cleaning service. According to the mechanic and shop owner that sent them, the bike did not run horrible, but power seemed to be lower than expected. Sure enough, once on the ASNU machine and the spray patters were visible, a problem was obvious. Two of the fuel injectors on the left side have very narrow spray patterns compared to the rest.

2005 gsxr1000 fuel injector spray patterns before ultrasonic cleaning

After about 45 minutes of ultrasonic cleaning, while the fuel injectors are being fired at various rpm from 600 to 15,000, and other little “tricks” we use to get the broken up deposits out.. the spray patters were significantly improved. Flow volume was also more even, but was not as significant a change as the improvement in spray patterns. As many modern sport bikes have 2 intake valves, the spray pattern must be in a “V” shape to shoot fuel down each each intake port. If the spray patterns are not correct, you get fuel washing down the sides of the intake ports, or hitting the divider of the two intake ports. Both cases result in large droplets of fuel washing down into the combustion chamber, instead of a proper atomized spray. Lost horsepower is likely restored! One more reason fuel injector cleaning is so important.